International delivery

The cost for shipping orders internationally can vary depending on the destination. Please note that all shippings are insured, so in case of damage or lost a full refund will be given. Orders delivered outside the EU are exempt from VAT. To calculate precise charges, add products to your basket and proceed through the checkout process after entering your delivery details. We will give you all the delivery options and relevant charges before having to enter any payment details.

Product types

Delivery charges vary depending on the type of product you order. These are the product types we stock.


The Bikes shipping category includes:

• Complete bikes

• Frames

• Kids bikes

• Tag-a-longs

• Trailers

• Frames

Delivery is charged per bike

If a bike order contains clothing, parts or accessories then we will only charge the bike delivery cost.

If the order contains bulky items, then the delivery cost will be added per bulky item - see below

Bulky items

Extra-large or heavy items are classed as Bulky.

Delivery is charged per bulky item.

If an order containing a bulky item also contains smaller accessories, parts or clothing then only the bulky cost will be charged.

Bulky items*

• Turbo Trainers

• Workstands

• Bike bags

• Car racks (roof & boot mounted)

• Wheels

• Child seats

• Forks

• Track Pumps

• Non-folding tyres

• Wheel rims

• Groupsets

• Handlebars

*Please note that the above is only a guideline as other products may be added at any time.

Clothing & Accessories

The Clothing & Accessories shipping category covers all other product types.

Delivery is charged per order for clothing & accessory items.

International Delivery methods

Orders are delivered internationally via UPS. A signature will be required upon delivery. On the day of dispatch we will contact you by email and provide you with a UPS tracking number which you can use to track the delivery.

Bike Packaging

All bikes ordered for international shipping are assembled and inspected by our qualified mechanics prior to being packaged. There are however some size restrictions when it comes to shipping them, therefore some light assembly may be needed upon delivery. We will provide clear instructions and any tools required.

International Product Restrictions

Some of the products and brands we sell are not available for international sales. The reason for this can vary from courier logistics due to size and weight or dealer restrictions which allow customers to try before they buy to get the right fit. Products that are available internationally will be visible when you select your delivery country settings.

VAT & Duty

Website & phone orders VAT is automatically removed for orders delivered to the Channel Islands and outside of the European Community. VAT cannot be removed for deliveries within the European Community. Some countries may charge you import tax for certain items. If you have any queries regarding this then please contact your local tax office who should be able to assist you further.

International Returns

If you wish to return an item that is unsuitable or not required you will not be liable for the return delivery costs for your first order only. If you wish to then try a different size or style, delivery will be charged to post the alternative item back to you.

How we deliver your bike

We do everything we can to make sure your new bike reaches you in factory-fresh condition. That doesn’t mean covering it in bubblewrap and hoping for the best – we make sure that every bike is sent safely, securely and with only minor assembly required at your end before you can climb on board.

How your bike will arrive

Bike manufacturers send us new machines in bits and pieces – far from being ride-ready. And while some bike retailers are happy to just send this box onto you, we get your bike fully assembled and tested by one of our qualified mechanics BEFORE we send it. After all, you’ll be like a kid at Christmas when it arrives and probably won’t want to spend hours piecing it together (that’s even if you’ve got the right tools for the job).

So we’ll fit the forks, wheels, seat-post and other components for you. We’ll also adjust the gears and brakes (bleed disc brakes if necessary) and we’ll true the wheels, pump the tyres, and make sure that everything is tightened. Finally, we’ll turn the handlebars 90 degrees and remove the pedals (if supplied) for even more security during shipping. Only then will we pop it into one of our custom oversize bike boxes ready for collection.


If you’ve ordered any accessories or extras (saddle bags, water bottle cages, lights etc) they’ll be safely packaged in a separate box to prevent damage to your bike.

A few finishing touches

When your bike’s delivered, you’ll need to turn the handlebars around and attach the pedals. But don’t panic – we’ll supply you with full instructions, a multi-tool and a 15mm pedal spanner too. Simply follow the instructions and your bike will be ready to ride in minutes.

REMEMBER: Not all bikes come with pedals. Usually with higher end models, it’s left to the rider to choose the pedals they like to use. But if you’re unsure, check your bike description for more details.

Questions about assembling your bike?

If you’re stuck, don’t sit there in a pile of tools and bolts, contact us and we’ll help out.

What about kid’s bikes and stabilizers

We put all kid’s bikes through the same assembly process as our adult bikes (we even get them tested by our qualified mechanics). We also dispatch them with stabilizers and pedals removed – so there’s a little assembly required when the bike arrives at your door, but nothing too technical. Here are a few tips:

• Most stabilizers can be fitted with a 15mm spanner, which you’ll get for free in the box. Handy.

• Fit the stabilizers with the bike upright so that each stabilizer leg is about 1cm off the ground.
This’ll help your little rider learn to balance, as the wheel should just be off the ground once
they set off.

• Setting up the stabilizers correctly also helps on uneven ground as it stops the bike from beaching
(when the wheel is no longer in contact with the ground).

BMX stunt pegs

We have to remove stunt pegs before we send BMX bikes else they won’t fit in our boxes. But fitting them back on is pretty straightforward – you’ll need a ratchet with an extension bar and a 15mm, 17mm or 19mm socket (please note: tools for this aren’t supplied).


30 day bike returns

Return any new bike within 30 days and swap it for a different one. If you’re not happy with your new bike for any reason, just send it back to us and we’ll exchange it as long as it’s clean and isn’t broken – by this we mean things like buckled wheels, crash damage, broken components, cracked frames etc. Worn brakes and tyres are acceptable.

Only available to verified customers due to the high incidence of fraud.

90 day returns on unused products

Any item, except food, videos, DVD’s, face masks, RIDEIT events and software can be returned to us for any reason within 90 days, provided it has not been used or fitted, and is returned in its original packaging with a valid proof of purchase.

Refunds will be processed using the same method of payment used for the original purchase. Payments will be refunded only to verified customers due to the high incidence of fraud.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY YOUR FIRST RETURN IS FREE, after that you will be change standard shipping rates.